Efco Chainsaws

The Famed Self-Sharpening Chainsaw by Efco

A brand of Emak USA, Efco has been offered in the states for more than 30 years. Their lineup includes a lot of commercial grade products, including earth augers, cut-off saws, hedge trimmers, blowers, string trimmers and chain saws. Efco prides itself on providing high quality products as well as its innovation, providing these services at affordable prices for the quality.

All of their products are supported by warranties and each product has service parts and a full range of accessories, available on Amazon.com.

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Tree Surgery or Farm Use with the 132 S & 152

The 132 S chainsaw is designed specifically for professional pruning, and was meant to be used by Certified Arborists. To allow for better control of the saw, it’s equipped with a thumb rest and ergonomic grips. If you need to work in cold weather, there is a primer bulb so that you can start it without too much fuss. The saw is compact and easy to handle with an automatic oil pump, weighing just 7 ½ pounds.

If your needs are more for agricultural use and farm work then the 152 will fit your needs. At 10.7 pounds, it is a little weightier than the 132. It comes equipped with high torque and a self-cleaning nylon filter. The filter cover doesn’t require any tools to be opened so there is one less step for maintenance. The 152 also has a primer bulb, along with a semiautomatic choke so that it can be started easily no matter what the weather is. It comes with an automatic oil pump and a side chain tensioner to make maintenance safe but also easy.

Top Quality from the 156 and 165

These chainsaws only vary slightly in their specifications but have the same basic design and usage. Each of the saws is made to accommodate extremely simple maintenance and to allow its user to be comfortable while working for long periods of time. The machine is separated from the fuel tank and the handles by six rubber mounts that provide low vibrations with no overheating. It comes complete with jerk-free starting, provided by a cylinder with compression.

High Quality and Versatility

The MT 3500 SS, MT 2750 SS and MT 4100 SP SS saws differ in dimensions but are ultimately made for the same purpose: Top performance, simple maintenance and high quality for pruning, trimming and small or medium diameter cutting. With 40% lower fuel consumption than a standard two-stroke engine, a forged three piece crankshaft and an excellent power-to-weight ratio so you can easily get your job done in a minimal amount of time.

The MT 4400 offers versatility to a wide variety of users, so it will benefit a homeowner the same way it will benefit a farmer. It’s just less than nine and a half pounds and allows you to cut limbs, prune and even cut down a medium sized tree. It is very comfortable if you plan on using it for an extended period of time. It’s also easy to access the controls because there’s only one switch to start the saw.

For the More Demanding Users

Finally, there are the 7200 and 8200 for more demanding users. This professional machine will let you work for long hours without tiring out, since it comes equipped with added comfort features. There are no tools required to access the air filters, so maintenance does not require much on your part. There is also a vibration reduction system, along with a compression relief valve so that you can start the saw easily.

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